Helen - Circa 1929
Catherine and Orly
Helen and Tony

Grandma and Grandpa
Back: Alfred, Mark Jr. Albert, Tommy
Front: Robert, (Albert's son), Mark Sr., Tony Jr., Tony Sr.

Grandma and Louise Monaco

Back: Grandma, Alfred, his wife, Flora, Tommy, Helen, Rosalie & Mark Traversino, Grandpa. Front: Mark Jr. Mary Ann, Alfred's daughter, Marion Traversino, Tony Jr and his mother Florence.

Tony, Grandpa, Orly
Sam Cosentino and Aunt Louise
Tony's Wedding

Alfred and Grandma
Tony's Wedding-Grandpa Center

Four Generations
Mark Traversino Jr., Maria Cipriani
Monaco and Antonio Monaco, (Grandma's mother and father), Mark Traversino, Rosalie Traversino, Grandma, Carmela Monaco Traversino - and Grandpa Traversino - Circa 1930
Back Row: Tony, Mark, Tommy, Albert, Orly.
Bottom Row: Catherine, Grandma, Alfred, and Helen.

Grandma's father,
Antonio Monaco
Big Phil and Little Phil
Catherine -Francis and Louise Monaco

Monaco Clan and Friends

Alma Monaco, Teresa Limosani, Mrs. Mike Cipriani, Florence Traversino,
Mrs. Cipriani's sister, Cosentino sisters